Challenges inspire ideas

The most effective way of stimulating ideas or innovations in line with an organisation’s strategic focus and objectives, is to create challenges for targeted communities.

Idea submission

Easy online submission of ideas, guided by the challenge specific idea templates, ensure the required level and detail of information is provided.

Highly configurable workflow

Dependent on the challenge owner’s requirements, idea evaluation and selection can be based on a combination of social recognition, group evaluation or subject matter adjudication, single user evaluation, or judging panels with weighted scoring.

Transparent evaluation of ideas

Idea Trigger has been developed with flexibility in mind. Challenge owners configure the evaluation workflow within defined and relevant stage gates and metrics to ensure that the best ideas filter through the funnel at the appropriate stages of the process.

Dashboards & reporting

Reporting and dashboards have been created for deep insight into challenges, ideas, communities and usage statistics.

Social tools drive engagement

The community is engaged in reviewing and evaluating ideas through liking, rating and commenting which encourages collaboration, a behavior rewarded through the system’s use of gamification and leaderboards.

Idea management

Manage and track the planning and implementation of ideas through easy to use project tracking facility and dashboard.

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